'Hammonds Revenge' 18x36" Silk Screen print
'Hammonds Revenge' 18x36" Silk Screen print

'Hammonds Revenge' 18x36" Silk Screen print

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Its been 25 years since Jurassic Park first hit the theatres. I was 12 when I first went to see it - it blew my mind. Id never seen anything like it, the dinosaurs looked so real. I can remember when I first saw a trailer for it and seeing the legs of the Trex walk with such realism past the front of the car, it was insane to me.
The special effects changed film forever, and it changed the way I saw things.

I have been waiting to make this Trex revenge print for a while - this year seemed like the right time. I think its the best yet and I'm really excited to pass it over to you guys.

The pictures really don't do it any justice - it has to be seen in person.

Its a 5 colour screenprint at 18"x36" on natural paper. Its embossed as standard plus an exclusive Trex skull emboss - for this print only.
All prints are signed numbered and finger printed, Limited to 450.


SHIPPING - The prints are big and they cannot be rolled tight to fit into a small tube - nor do I want to do that - that will cause 'Micro creases' which no one wants on their print. I have chosen to use 5"x5"x25" tubes that are very strong and don't require me to roll the print tight, thus stopping any unnecessary creasing. These tubes are heavy and on the more expensive side (I've spared no expense!) This also makes them more expensive to ship. I chose to keep the print in its best form over cheaping out on tubes - I hope you understand! 

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