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Paul Jackson



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The Popeye Lenticular is back!! I found about 15 copies in my recent move - its a classic!!



If you are unfamiliar with Lenticulars - they are a 3D hologram print that does not require the use of glasses. Its basically real life magic...

These are 18x24" in size and are limited to just 250, although I only have 200 for sale in my store. Each print is signed and numbered!

This will be the only lenticular release of this print, no variants will be released.


NOTE - Each print comes with a protective film over the image that will appear gritty/dirty/scratched, DON'T WORRY - that film is there to protect the poster from the automated printing process and can be peeled off!

SHIPPING: Please allow 30 days for shipping. Its is very likely if you live in North America or Canada you will receive your print WAY before that but Europe, Australia, china etc might take a bit longer.

I will try to get everything out in a speedy manner but some of the prints are still in production and might cause me a small delay. Thanks for your patience!


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